Aksai Industrial Park Concept

Aksai Industrial Park is formed to provide to International Investors and Partners a top notch complex of facilities and services to develop their products in Kazakhstan.

Aksai Industrial Park is:

  • •   Know-how and technological transfer
  • •   International Standards of Production
  • •   Integrated Production Facility
  • •   After-sales maintenance and total quality control

Benefits for AIP residents

  • •   Single base for several different and/or interrelated productions
  • •   Engineering infrastructure maintained by the Land Lord:
•  Production equipped shelters and office facilities to international standards
•  Water, gas, electricity
•  Sewage and drainage
•  Roads and access points (railroad)
  • •   Additional services for Industrial Park residents (Visa, WP, HR, Finance Admin, Logistics, etc.)
  • •   Third party quality control and assurance
  • •   Benefits and preferences (taxation, customs fees, legal aspects)*
  • •   Professional team responsible for Governmental support, Marketing and Business development,
        Outsourced functions

*In process of approval from RoK Government

Benefits for AIP clients

•   Ensured Local Content in production and servicing
•   Reduced pricing for the end product at the same guaranteed quality
•   Time saving for assembly and delivery
•   Fast response for emergency situations (spare parts, adjustments, etc.))
•   Maintenance by team of professionals (expatriate and locals)
•   Tailoring of products for end-user needs