Aksai Industrial Park services

Aksai Industrial Park is focused to provide international investors and partners conditions (facilities, services) to set up their own production in Kazakhstan. Services will cover maintenance, logistics, marketing, certification, rent of production, warehouse and office facilities, laboratories and equipment.

This will enable investor to optimize launch time and concentrate of technologies and production implementation.

The following products and services will be developed in Aksai Industrial Park:

  • •  Control panels and skids production (assembly and maintenance)
  • •  Welding activities and welding training
  • •  Aluminum scaffolding and covering systems production
  • •  Waste management and pollution remedial solutions
  • •  Valve assembly, testing and revamping
  • •  Engineering and construction of flow lines
  • •  Testing and attestation of materials and equipment
  • •  Fittings and flanges production
  • •  Heat-exchangers and boilers maintenance and revamping
  • •  Trade skills training and development
  • •  Accredited Laboratory for mechanical and E/I, as well as metrology and calibration services