Welcome words from Marco Castagnini, AIP General Director

Aksai Industrial Park's challenge is to provide International Companies the same environment they have or would like to have at home, the same quality of resources and facilities, latest available technology and equipment, vibrant environment of Companies and contractors that can support their business with dedicated outsourcing.

To reach this target, Aksai Industrial Park has selected the best human resources to support your business and is providing the best facilities available in West Kazakhstan. We have installed the latest available equipment for mechanical works, electrical works, fabrication, painting etc.

We have installed a modern laboratory to control and certify your products.

Aksai Industrial Park participates to the Technology Transfer Project developed by the Republic of Kazakhstan with the United Arab Emirates, in order to boost the level of expertise of technicians and engineers working within the AIP reaches.

Aksai Industrial Park is integrated in the West Kazakhstan economic and social net and is the only private Technology Hub in Kazakhstan to serve near Stakeholders like Oil Company giant KPO, as well as distant Clients considering the export aims of many of AIP associates.