Oil and Gas: Local content - Introduction work of Mrs. K. Safinova, Senior Secretary of Oil and Gas Ministry (quotation).

Wednesday, 30 November 2011 00:00

On November 11 at the State Meeting Head of Our State once again highlighted the Kazakhstani content issue importance in the development and support for industrial policy, which takes place in Kazakhstan.

The particular role of oil and gas companies are emphasized, which are the engines of our economy. Contract Agency reports to Ministry about the situation progress of the companies individually every three months. Even now we can talk about some of the results for the current year.

In general there has been seen a growth in purchases of mineral developer companies from local producers. In money terms it has increased 2.5 times in two years, e.g. only this year Oil and Gas companies has purchased from the Kazakhstani goods, works and services in 734 billion tenge. Also two initiatives of "Karachaganak Petroleum Operating" should be mentioned.

This is a project to localize the production of spare parts on the basis of machine-building enterprises of West Kazakhstan region, as well as "Aksai Industrial Park" in the WKO, which will create a set of attractive sites for investors. We hope that next year these projects will provide real benefits and does not remain only on paper".