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Aksai Industrial Park offers the supply and development of local content for the manufacturing of goods and the provision of high quality services for the Oil and Gas industry.

High quality Services & Products

More than a dozen companies are located within the Park.
A network of highly specialized and skilled professionals operate in the area and communicate with the world through its excellence.

We are Focused on
Building Strong Relations

The benefit of being in contact with qualified partners and services that increase the business capacity, improve the work and create new networking opportunities with Kazakhstan market.

Welcome to Aksai Industrial Park

Our challenge is to attract International Companies that want to establish in Kazakhstan by providing a top notch facility, high quality resources and the latest available technology and equipment contributing to the maximization of localization of their products and services.
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Aksai Industrial Park is formed to provide to International Investors and Partners a top notch complex of facilities and services to develop their products in Kazakhstan.


Production Workshops (7000 m²), Office Complex (3000 m²), Custom Bonded Area (4200 m²), Warehouses open and closed type (3000 m²), Mechanical Laboratory (200 m²).

Infrastructure Aksai Industrial Park
Services Aksai Industrial Park


A.I.P. is focused on providing goods and services related to the Oil and Gas Industry; its resident companies are able to set up and optimize their own production in Kazakhstan.

Benefits of Settling within the Park

The main goal of the Park is to attract foreign companies in the Kazakh market. This is done through the achievement of local content in production and services thus allowing an international company to expand its reach within a new market limiting barriers of entry and reducing overall required investments.

Any company entering the Park will take advantage of the economy of scale created with all the other resident companies which are managed by a single corporate division that handles multiple support services including Logistics, Human Resources, Expediting, Procurement, Sales, Warehousing and Project Control.

How to settle within the Park

Aksai Industrial Park welcomes foreign companies to contact us directly to discuss the modalities of entering the Park.
Depending on the area of expertise different solutions are available.

Various solutions include sale or rental of industrial lots, production space, warehouses and offices.
All of these facilities are turn key and readily available.


Aksai Industrial Park will function as a “one stop” solution allowing Investors to focus on the development and enhancement of production processes and quality of their products, and relieving from the establishment duties. This is possible thanks to the provision by Aksai Industrial Park of experienced and qualified resources to cover all indirect processes of the Companies.

International Certification

Aksai Industrial Park is committed to achieve and maintain the highest standards of Quality within all its business activities and to strive for their continuous improvement in the respect of our Company Mission to generate value for all its stakeholders.
International Certification Aksai Industrial Park
The Aksai Industrial Park Quality Policy is founded on the universally recognized principles of compliance with Client Requirement and Expectation, together with the philosophy of Total Quality Management.
This approach implies control of the processes that leads to the delivery of the final result.

News & Media

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Aksai Industrial Park

7000 m² Production Workshops
3000 m² Offices Complex
4200 m² Custom Bonded Area
3000 m² Warehouses Space
  225 m² Custom Bonded Warehouse
  200 m² Mechanical Laboratory

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