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FAD Kazakhstan LLP

FAD Kazkahstan LLP was founded in 2017 as part of FAD group which holds its headquarters in Italy. The long term strategy to localize and implement the transfer of technologies to comply with the Republic of Kazakhstan’s local content regulations resulted in the establishment inside Aksai Industrial Park. FAD Group has over 60 years of experience and has maturated more than 10 years of experience with Kazakh Oil and Gas operators winning critical projects implementing its production localization strategies for the years to come.
FAD Kazakhstan LLP is specialized in the production of flanges, fittings and pipes, we are able through our machinery put on place to produce locally flanges range from 1/2”NB to 24”NB Class from 150 lb to 2500 lb.
The production ranges from all types of forged steel flanges such as swivel-ring, weld neck, blind, compact flanges, spectacle blind & spacer. Special flanges including: pipe and bundle type bulkhead forgings, collars & buckle arrestors, anchor and hanger flanges, tee pieces including laterals, pawn heads & associated elbow.
FAD Group’s in over 60 years of experience and know-how has been put on service along with over 15 years of regional knowledge of territory and requirements of Aksai Industrial Park creating an unprecedent synergy of competences.


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FAD Kazakhstan has established a production and commercial facility in order to serve the Republic of Kazakhstan domestic market in oil and gas sector by providing a cost effective supply chain and manufacturing all range of products for onshore and offshore petrochemical plants and projects.
All forged and heat treated materials are made in Italy and made in Nicromo forges according to all defined specifications ASTM-ASME-NACE-PED-EN. We are able to supply raw, forged and finished material based on the client’s specifications and standards.



Aksai Industrial Park

7000 m² Production Workshops
3000 m² Offices Complex
4200 m² Custom Bonded Area
3000 m² Warehouses Space
  225 m² Custom Bonded Warehouse
  200 m² Mechanical Laboratory

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