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ProControl Kazakhstan

ProControl Kazakhstan was established in 2015 inside Aksai Industrial Park in order to serve and supply local gas plants with its products while contributing to the development of local content in the country. From its headquarters in Castell’Arquato in Italy, ProControl designs its products to meet tomorrow’s requirements in order to achieve maximum efficiency, safety and reliability.
ProControl is an independent, highly flexible and professional company specialized in the manufacture and supply of complete valve actuation and HIPPS.
Our products range from Pneumatic actuators, Hydraulic Actuators, Electro Hydraulic Control Actuators, Gas over oil Actuators, High integrity Pressure Protection systems, Sub sea, Hydraulic Dampers and Control systems. Quality control is continually monitored in order to ensure that the products reach the customer as expected and all actuators and control systems are tested according to ProControl internal test procedures which include operational test, static leakage tests, dynamic leakage tests and torque testing.
The single greatest cause of actuator operational failure is corrosion and deterioration of operating part; ProControl actuators have been engineered with these problems in mind and the basis of our design is in order to guarantee a long term product reliability.


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In order to protect from corrosion before the assembly each actuator’s component is individually degreased, phosphate cleaned & treated, shot-blasted and epoxy primer coated.
ProControl actuators all share a common construction philosophy known as modularity, which is achieved by utilizing a consistent engineering design throughout our complete range; power cylinders, spring containers, manual overrides, control systems and other features can be assembled in various different positions thus allowing to cover all requests in terms of fail position and additional features. With large stock of finished and semi-finished components always available, actuators can be assembled and supplied with very fast deliveries.
Our clients can count on first class after sales support which is able through its office deploy our qualified service engineers anywhere in the world within 24 hours from callout.



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