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Tematech LLP

TEMATECH LLP was established in 2011 in Aksai Industrial Park to support the Oil & Gas Industry in the West Kazakhstan Region with local workforce engaged in the manufacturing, maintenance and repair of mechanical and electrical equipment.
Tematech LLP is specialized in the repair and maintenance of heat exchangers and tube bundles, it also provides services in the sphere of automation and control panels, instrumentation, skidded equipment, DCS and telecommunication and safety management systems.
It is one of the few companies in Kazakhstan that designs, manufactures and repairs mechanical equipment under pressure in accordance with ASME certification and is holder of the NBIC R-stamp.
Tematech LLP also provides piping components such as bolts, nuts, washers, studs and gaskets; it also performs fatigue assessment on pressure vessels, piping components and heavy structures as well as local stress analysis for external loads and nozzles.


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Tematech LLP is capable of performing repair activities on heat exchangers, compressors, columns, separators, heat, vessels, pipeline components, tube bundles, condensate storage tanks, air coolers, pumping units and HVAC systems.
As part of Tematech’s rich portfolio developed during the years, inspections and storage of compressors as well as the provision of tanks, bottle racks, cooler towers, pneumatic and hydraulic control systems have all been manufactured and commissioned to various clients.



Aksai Industrial Park

7000 m² Production Workshops
3000 m² Offices Complex
4200 m² Custom Bonded Area
3000 m² Warehouses Space
  225 m² Custom Bonded Warehouse
  200 m² Mechanical Laboratory

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